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City builder celebrates school student’s imagination – Inaugural Award

City builder celebrates school student’s imagination – The inaugural Maha Sinnathamby Ideas and Imagination Award

In a year when learning was challenged for students around the globe, students in Greater Springfield were invited to unleash their imagination and creative thinking while putting themselves in the shoes of a city builder.

Maha Sinnathamby AM, Chairman of Springfield City Group, launched the “Maha Sinnathamby Ideas and Imagination Award” this year encouraging students from local schools to voice their ideas and dreams for the city they call home.

Springfield has a population of 46,000, with one third between the ages of zero and nineteen, a truly young city.

It is ideas and innovation that underpin the city’s liveability and sustainability.

Listening and engaging the students is important to Maha Sinnathamby in planning and designing for the future.

“I was overwhelmed and delighted by all the submissions and inspired by the ideas and aspirations for our City. There were numerous entries in total from students from all our Learning City Schools.

While I do have a plan and a very clear vision for the City of Springfield, I do not profess to have all the answers.

It has been some time since I went to school – and students are learning at a much more rapid rate than I did.

That is why I asked the students of Springfield – our residents – to tell me what is missing, what you would like to see in Springfield and what will make your life and your family’s life even better.

I truly look forward to sharing all your ideas with my team of City Builders so we can make Greater Springfield even greater.


“My job is a hard one but the job of selecting the winners of this Award was one of the hardest I have had. Thank you for challenging me.”Maha Sinathamby


Buoyed by the calibre of contributions of our city’s youngest residents, Maha Sinnathamby said, “I would like to continue this award as an annual competition, so I look forward to being inspired even more in 2021.”

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2020 inaugural Maha Sinnathamby Ideas and Imagination Award.

High School Winner: Marga SY and Sarah KRUEGER, Springfield Central State High School

  • For their entry that considered a safe and comfortable space for students with disabilities to learn and achieve their goals.

Primary School Winner: Mariah SMITH, Springfield Central State School

  • For her entry that illustrated through computer coding what a sustainable and digital city could look like with a green energy initiatives and collaborative maker spaces.

Highly Commended High School: Lewis Gibson, The Springfield Anglican College

  • For his entry that considered the growing needs of the population, including a public hospital, roads, mobility options and an entertainment centre.

Highly Commended Primary School: Varad Podutwar, Spring Mountain State School

  • For his entry that considered a caring community promoting health and wellbeing benefits, including solar energy, community gardens, buddy benches, and helpful robots.

Special Prize Winner: Year 1S and Year 1T St Peters Lutheran College Springfield

  • For their entry that considered how communities care for people, designing an interactive masterplan of a futuristic Springfield in the year 2050 and thinking in depth about the services, health and recreation.

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