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Health and education top jobs predicted post COVID-19 in Greater Springfield

Health and education top jobs predicted post COVID-19 in Greater Springfield

A dedicated regional jobs committee is working hard to identify future jobs in Greater Springfield, with health and education still tipped as the biggest growth opportunities during COVID 19 and beyond.

The Springfield Regional Jobs Committee (formerly Springfield Skills Alliance) was formed in 2018 and is a place-based training and skills initiative.

SRJC is one of five similar committees across the State bringing together local business, government, community leaders, training providers, industry representatives, high schools and unions to develop regional job and training plans.

RDA Ipswich and West Moreton chair the SRJC, with Springfield City Group, Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce, Multicultural Development Australia and TAFE Queensland South West as the foundation members. SRJC Chairman Rees Banks said the committee released its first future jobs report, ‘Selling the Dream Through Education’, earlier this year, based on the highest increase in the number of employees needed by 2022.

Nursing, teaching and retail jobs were highlighted as some of the top future career options in Greater Springfield and Mr Banks said jobs in those sectors were likely to remain strong.

“Without a doubt, the top two jobs in Greater Springfield will be in health and education, so whether that’s in nursing, aged care or teaching, the predicted population growth and subsequent demand for those services are there,” he said.

“Greater Springfield alone is expecting an extra 60,000 residents over the next 10 years, so the need for health care workers, as well as teachers and day care centres is a given.”

Prior to COVID 19, skills required for Greater Springfield’s existing major industries included health care and social assistance, retail, manufacturing, construction, administration and transport logistics.

The committee’s focus over the next few months will be to understand the full impact of the recent global pandemic on the future of these industries in Greater Springfield and the region more broadly. Mr Banks said while every community would have its challenges, Greater Springfield was in a good position moving forward because of a heavy investment into education, sport, health and IT.

“Every city has its own traditions, culture, industries and jobs, so the training needs to be geared around educating people locally and keeping them available to work close by,” he said.

“We are currently working with local stakeholders to see what is happening on the ground and once we have collated that information, we will pass it on to schools to help them navigate their students’ career pathways moving forward.”

Springfield City Group Education and Smart City EGM Dr Richard Eden said it was important to have the most up-to-date information around the future of jobs to ensure residents and students knew what opportunities were available to them.

“We are pleased to have such an initiative in place to help understand and prepare for what career opportunities are here in Greater Springfield, now and post-COVID 19,” Dr Eden said.

“While the work of the committee isn’t something new to Greater Springfield, it is great to have a peak body at this time dedicated to serving the local community and identifying job opportunities for our community.”

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