Repairing past mistakes

A gentleman wrote to me recently telling me his reputation had been quite severely damaged through his own misdoings – he made quite a few mistakes, as we all have done, and told some untruths, which resulted in his business failing and also led to him not being able to secure any work.

My response to him was that it is difficult to repair a reputation. Difficult, but certainly not impossible. It will take time, but the beauty of time is that it really does heal all wounds. In the meantime, you need to swallow that “pride pill”, and do whatever it takes to make amends. Don’t ever think that a certain type of work is beneath you. My staff know that even to this day, if I see some rubbish in the office or on my Golf Course, I am very happy to pick it up and put it in the trash.

Try and meet with people that you have done wrong by. If they don’t want to meet with you, try and write to them. If they still hold anger towards you, you must understand this. You also have to accept this, because the reality is, you caused this circumstance. In time, perhaps a long time, they will forgive you – they will accept the fact that you have taken the effort to own up to these mistakes and tried to make amends.

Once you have owned your mistakes, work on repairing them. Don’t remain bitter and sad. This will not help in any way to repair your reputation.

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