Dedication matters

My staff are an extension of my family and I have a very very strong obligation to ensure that they are happy and successful.

Almost a year ago, these two young men came to me looking to join my team. They did not know about property development, nor did they know much about leasing, construction, sales, feasibility or all of the other attributes that one would normally expect when looking to get involved with a property development company – but Chris Lewis and Ben were full of hunger and they certainly had the desire to be the very best – they were prepared to put in the hard yards to become successful. I told them in no uncertain terms that, if they are looking for an easy job, they have come to the wrong place. I told them, I can offer them nothing more than an opportunity to be great. They were not offered a corner office or a huge salary. They were offered a chance. Chris and Ben have really impressed me with their absolute focus, commitment and passion. They are the first to arrive in the office, and the last to leave. They can be found in the office most nights until midnight, and work weekends. In my opinion, these two men are absolute superstars. They will do whatever it takes, always go above and beyond, and act with integrity and honesty at all times.

This post is dedicated to these two young men who live and breathe my message of ?#?stopnottilthegoalisreached?.

Congratulations to both of you. Also, I must congratulate their wives, Jen Lewis and Donna Gebbett who have played a very important role in supporting the two gentlemen.

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