Maha Sinnathamby is one of Australia’s most iconic entrepreneurs.

From humble beginnings in war torn Malaysia, Maha is known as the visionary behind the multi-award winning master planned city, Greater Springfield. Maha is the Chairman and Founder of Springfield Land Corporation – the master developer of Greater Springfield. Born in Malaysia, Maha went on to receive a Bachelor of Civil Engineering from the University of New South Wales. The only thing Maha is more passionate about than Greater Springfield is his family. Maha is married to his wife of over 40 years, Yoga, and has 4 loving children – Uma, Raynuha, Meera and Naren. Maha is also the proud Grandfather to nine Grandchildren – Ashwin, Aanjali, Anisha, Annika, Indran, Amara, Amani, Avnesh and Aaliya. Maha’s children, Raynuha are Naren, are actively involved in the running of the family company, Springfield Land Corporation, both holding the role of Directors.

On the rare occasion that Maha does have a day off, he can be found enjoying a game of golf at his award winning golf course, Brookwater. Maha also invests his time mentoring a select group of young professionals, helping them to achieve personal excellence. Giving back and helping others is a core belief of Maha’s values.

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